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You can locate your author page's link and screen name by clicking "Profile". Can I publish under multiple pen names? Currently, we only support one pen name per account, unless you upgrade to a Publisher account. However, if you only publish two others as a publisher, such as books written by your pen name and by your real name, then you won't achieve the anonymity that is the primary motivation for some authors to write under a pen name. If the anonymity is not important, then upgrade to Publisher. If the anonymity is important, then the current solution is to open up a second Smashwords account attached to a different email address since each account must be tied to a unique email address.

How do I credit multiple authors for a single book? Smashwords is alpha testing alpha is pre-beta a new feature that allows multiple authors to be linked to a single book. It's not yet a self-serve option.

Why E-book Distribution Is Completely and Utterly Broken (and How to Fix It)

Publish your book in the account of the person who will control the book and receive payments. At the time you publish, you'll only credit the book to one author, though be sure to include all the author names in the book description, the cover image and inside the book's front matter.

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Click the "? It's important to provide the link to their author page, because some authors have multiple accounts. Please also specify which author is the primary author.

Both of those reasons make me want to release my work DRM-free.

And everything you say makes perfect sense. What is the Adult Filter? Many of them later do buy the works in question when money allows—something which has often been brought up anecdotally, but which studies are now showing is a not uncommon trend. Which led to my checking out some of your books from the public library. We reply to every message that we get. It can share folders on your harddrive as well as iTunes playlists. The DRM discussion turned out to be far more depressing than I had anticipated.

At most retailers, this is the author that will appear first in the list of co-authors. Choose the bestselling or best well known author because this can improve discovery if it's the first author the reader sees it won't make a huge difference, but every incremental advantage helps. Smashwords will link each of the authors to the book's "written by" metadata and will then transmit this data in our regular metadata shipments to retailers.

bbmpay.veritrans.co.id/el-pont-de-suert-citas-por-internet.php I see my book in my Dashboard, I see my book page, and the status says published, yet it's not appearing in search results Click to any Smashwords web page and then in the upper right hand corner, check your Filter settings. If your book is categorizes as erotica and you have an erotica filter activated, it will block erotica titles from appearing in search results. Will you read my book and tell me what you think of it? Sorry, we can't do this. For feedback on a book you're planning to publish, consider joining a local writer's club or critique group. Also consider working with beta readers prior to publication.

Beta readers are test readers who provide feedback in advance of publication. Beta readers help you publish a better, reader-pleasing book! To learn how to work with beta readers, listen to Episode 5 of the Smart Author Podcast this link also includes a full written transcript. What was Operation Ebook Drop?

Operation Ebook Drop was a free, volunteer initiative that allowed Smashwords authors to donate free ebooks to coalition and peacekeeping troops. The initiative was created by Smashwords author Ed Patterson and was supported by Smashwords. The initiative was first discussed in the Operation Ebook Drop post at the Smashwords blog. We wish to express our thanks for everyone who participated, and especially our thanks to Ed for his volunteer effort.


What is DRM, and do you have it? DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, and it refers to schemes in which a digital book is copy-protected, or limited to reading on only certain devices. Books on Smashwords do not contain DRM.

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However, these works are still the property of the copyright holder, and most are only licensed for the personal use of the purchaser. At Smashwords, we give the author the freedom to specify their licensing statement see Smashwords License Statement below, which is the most common version used by our authors. How big of a threat is piracy? Smashwords is in the business of selling books. It's the only way we make income. We don't like pirates. If someone steals your book, you don't make income and neither do we.


So you might be surprised to learn we don't lose sleep over the fear of piracy. We believe obscurity is a bigger threat to authors than piracy. The criminal takes your book and tries to sell it for profit. They might slap their own name on it, or they might try to sell it in your name yes, this happens!

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When you get a new iPhone or iPad, iBooks will be probably the first book app you try. buy the full version of the Kindle book from a link at the end of a free sample, . For example, the same search in the German iBooks Store will be: Most files in the iBooks are protected with Apple's own DRM (Digital. 5 days ago Download Plex and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. you can also watch and record FREE over-the-air broadcast TV, including major networks . Plex library on mobile devices is limited (one minute for music and video, Streaming personal media requires Plex Media Server version or.

It's very rare. Readers upload your book to underground bulletin boards or torrent sites so that other readers can download your book for free. Ebook buyers sharing your book with their friends. The first item can cause an author great grief, but it's extremely rare, probably less than one in 2, books affected, and the pirates are usually detected before they've had a chance to earn money on their theft because loyal fans report the book.

The second category of swashbuckling black hat pirates stealing and reading your book for free is probably the worst fear of some authors, yet it's important to remember that readers who go out of their way to knowingly steal and download pirated ebooks are not the readers who'd typically purchase your books anyway, so they don't really represent a lost sale.

The third category is more common, but most progressive authors view book sharing among fans as "accidental" piracy, and view it as beneficial marketing. There are many who argue that illegal piracy of your work actually benefits your overall sales. This fascinating video of author Neil Gaima n might cause you to reconsider how you feel about piracy. He speaks about his own evolving views on piracy. They do it for the same reasons cited by Neil Gaiman - they believe it spurs sales.

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Don't let the fear of piracy paralyze your efforts to reach readers. Most readers are honest and want to support you. You can reduce the risk of piracy by making your book easier to purchase than it is to steal. Maximize your distribution, offer your book at a fair price, and use the recommended "Smashwords Edition License Statement" as described in the Smashwords Style Guide. The license statement provide honest readers a polite reminder of their ethical obligation to support the author. What is Smashwords' stance on piracy and DRM? Smashwords is a strong advocate for author's rights, and the right of authors and copyright owners to receive payment for their digitally published works.

More lost than before on the DRM issue

However, Smashwords does not publish works containing digital rights management schemes that limit the customer's ability to legally enjoy the author's work. Therefore, Smashwords cannot completely prevent illegal copying of an author's work. The reality of the matter is that even DRMed content is insecure. When an author lists the work on Smashwords they are trusting the consumer to honor their legal copyright and abide by the licensing terms set by the author.

Many ebook buyers refuse to purchase ebooks infected with DRM. Non-DRMed works often outsell DRMed works by leveraging the viral nature of uninhibited sampling and sharing which can dramatically increase your total audience and sales opportunities. At Smashwords, we remind customers at sign-up, at purchase and with purchase confirmations that our books are for their personal use and enjoyment only. What can I do to reduce the risk of piracy?